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Level 2 Fingerprinting

Proficiency Background Service is a trusted service provider of live scan fingerprinting and Level 2 background checks in Florida that may be required for employment, licensing, permits, registrations and other purposes. Fast, easy and secure!

Proficiency Background Service offers a wide range of background screening options implementing the secure capture and transmission of electronic fingerprints for employment, certification, licensing, and other verification purposes. Not only do we offer fast and accurate Live Scan fingerprinting services we also offer mobile services. In this industry we seen a gap that left consumers lost and confused on who to rely on for their background screening needs. Whether you are required to be fingerprinted by a government agency or for employment, our trained Enrollment Agents will ensure that your paperwork is in order, take your fingerprints, process the request, and have you on your way in no time!

The full statutes may be pulled up at the Florida Senate’s website.

According to Florida law, many professions are required to have all employees fingerprinted prior to being placed in the workforce. If you are an employer in any of these industries and you do not require your workers to be fingerprinted, hefty fines may be levied and the state may seize your business or professional license.

FBI Self Background Check

Proficiency Background is partnered with FBI-authorized fingerprint channelers to accommodate a range of company and regulatory requirements to ensure an automated process for fingerprint capture and submission.

Out-of-State Fingerprint Card Processing

We process fingerprint cards for individuals who reside outside the state where the fingerprinting is conducted. This usually happens when someone needs a background check or clearance for employment, licensing, or other purposes in a different state.

CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

This strategic collaboration between Proficiency Background Service and VitalResponse CPR will undoubtedly provide a significant boost to healthcare professionals. The availability of top-notch CPR courses, including Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), will equip them with the essential skills and knowledge needed to respond effectively in critical situations.

We strive on giving our clients options. You have the option of coming to our location or we can come to you. No need to worry about being overcharged. Our services & prices are extremely competitive with locations expanding throughout Florida.

RefCheck Services

It’s not a reference check unless it’s a RefCheck

RefCheck has specialized in information retrieval since 1986, providing you with the tools you need to implement cost-effective solutions to employee acquisition, retention, and corporate compliance. A leading national provider of reference interviewing and background screening services, RefCheck will partner with you to help with the complex process of building the right team. A key component of building the right team is having the information you need before you make a hiring decision. RefCheck’s executive background checks are the most comprehensive in the industry, because we take the time to understand your organization’s needs, and we apply our proven methodology to provide you with the information you need.

It’s due diligence, to protect your organization, your employees, and your customers.

Mobile Fingerprinting

Proficiency Background Service offers the convenience of On-site Fingerprinting, tailored
to a time and date that aligns with your schedule. At Proficiency, we set no
lower limit for our On-site or Mobile fingerprinting services. Whether you’re
an individual in need of fingerprinting or a larger group, our services are
designed with you in mind.

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We offer fingerprinting services for Corporate Billing, further expanding our range of comprehensive support for various needs.