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Proficiency Background Service

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We customize our services to meet the specific needs of each industry and company. Our team understands their unique requirements and provides tailored solutions. From sourcing talent to onboarding, our services optimize efficiency and effectiveness. We believe in personalized solutions to help businesses find the right candidates and create a seamless hiring experience.

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Simplifies adverse action. FCRA, EEOC & Ban-The-Box compliant.

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Who Are We?

Proficiency Background Service, LLC is a company that was founded to address the negative impact of improper background checks on companies and job applicants.

Becoming the leader in the Criminal Background Screening Industry! Our work set us apart proving our dedication to our clients and community. We take our time and put effort into every detail which sets us apart in the background screening industry!



An FBI Background Check provides a comprehensive criminal record summary, including information from federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Individuals can obtain their own summary from the FBI to review, correct, and update their personal records.



FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, utilizes Sterling as its fingerprint provider. Sterling sends non-deficient fingerprints to the FBI, which conducts a criminal history record check using the fingerprints. The FBI then retrieves information from its database and provides the results.



DBPR fingerprinting is a mandatory process for individuals seeking licenses or employment in regulated professions in Florida. Unique fingerprints are obtained and used to conduct criminal background checks through the FDLE database to determine if there are any prior criminal convictions that may disqualify them.



Fingerprint cards capture an individual’s fingerprint impressions either through ink-based methods or electronic scanners. These records are subsequently compared with existing fingerprint databases to authenticate a person’s identity. Agencies, government entities, and private organizations utilize fingerprint cards for the purpose of fingerprint information.

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