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Proficiency Background Service is a trusted service provider of live scan fingerprinting and Level 2 background checks in Florida that may be required for employment, licensing, permits, registrations, and other purposes. Fast, easy, and secure!

Fingerprint Card Conversion Services

Proficiency Background Service proudly offers an advanced Fingerprint Card Conversion Service. This service is designed for those who are unable to visit our fingerprint collection sites. Utilizing state-of-the-art scanning technology, we transform traditional fingerprint cards into digital records. This conversion facilitates the archiving and saving of your fingerprints in an electronic format, enabling the printing of additional fingerprint cards on demand, or the smooth electronic submission to various agencies for processing.


Fingerprint Card Conversion

The conversion of a physical “hard card” into a digital record allows applicants to experience the same expedited processing speed as they would by physically visiting our fingerprint office locations. This innovative approach ensures convenience without compromising on efficiency or security.

  • FBI Background Checks
  • Florida Level 2 Background Checks


Steps for Card Scan Conversion

Follow these easy steps to convert your fingerprint cards:

Complete 2 FBI (FD-258)

Fingerprint cards with assistance from a local law enforcement agency or another entity that provides fingerprinting services. These cards may be either traditional ink-rolled fingerprints or electronically captured (Preferred) and printed fingerprint cards.

Mail two completed fingerprint cards and your appointment confirmation

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