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Fingerprint Cards

At Proficiency Background Service, we specialize in delivering FD-258, SF-87 and FINRA fingerprint card services. Our fingerprint card service leverages advanced live scan technology, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability with the added benefit of immediate card printing..

Fingerprint Card Services

Frequently, professionals residing in Florida encounter the need to transmit their fingerprints to out-of-state agencies for licensing purposes, as reciprocity among Livescan systems across different states is limited.

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Given that certain government organizations, such as the Department of Immigration, mandate physical copies of fingerprints, numerous PBS locations provide a solution. They facilitate the digital collection of an applicant's fingerprint images, which are then skillfully printed onto a standard fingerprint card (FD-258). This dual capability ensures flexibility and compliance with diverse requirements.

Out-of-State Fingerprint Card Processing

If you reside out of state, or unable to visit our location to be fingerprinted, we have a solution for you that many satisfied customers use to avoid unnecessary time and expense traveling from outside and even within the state of Florida. Our Card Scan Processing Service utilizes advanced scanning technology to convert a traditional fingerprint card (“hard card”) into an electronic fingerprint record. Converting a “hard card” into an electronic record enables an applicant to have their fingerprint record processed as quickly as if they had traveled to our fingerprint office location.

Please Send the Following Items:

Copy of your driver's license or government-issued picture ID * Social security number (copy of card not needed)
ORI Number (directs to which agency the background results will be sent)
Completed fingerprint card with citizenship, birth date & location, and all personal information required.
Phone Number and email address are needed to email you back with the TCN# tracking number.
Payment – We accept All major credit/debit cards
Money Orders or Certified Checks only, made out to

Proficiency Background Service to the below address:
5401 S. Kirkman Rd.Orlando, FL 32819 Suite 335


Please be certain that the information you provided (especially the ORI number) is accurate as once it is received by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, it will be processed exactly as it was submitted and cannot be changed. We do not issue refunds under any circumstances once the scan has been submitted.

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